Join the newest recognized sport on the planet. Saber Club and Battle Sabers UK are currently running in Battle Station’s purpose-built “Holo-Deck”. The dimly lit arena is the perfect place to learn all your skills from our Battle Master. Smoke, flashing lights and the surround sound make your experience unforgettable. 

Battle Sabers UK Prices
Taster Session- Free
Saber Training Session - £10
1  HR - £15 / 2 HRS - £20 / 3 HRS - £25

Battle Saber Taster Session – Want to see what Saber is all about? This is your chance to have a one off Taster day! Get paired up with one of our Saber Masters for session of basic warm up followed by a basic lesson plan to give you an idea of what Battle Sabers UK is all about. From there you can embark on your Saber journey with Battle Sabers UK. All of your safety gear and a saber are available.  

Battle Sabers UK Club – (from £10) Battle Sabers UK run Saber Training every Saturday from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. Our Battle Master will teach you a structured syllabus for those who truly want to learn the ways of LED Saber. The training is treated as a form of Martial Art with a Star Wars Twist. You will learn many styles and techniques and progress through the courses and undertake trials as you progress toward the level of Master. 

Book online or give the office a call on 01953 887174 for more information.

Battle Saber Party Packs – (from £15) Meet with your battle Master, Your Saber chooses you! Will you turn to the dark side? learn how to use your Saber like a Jedi and work with your friends to sharpen your skill. But be careful, The dark side is strong at Battle Stations and many villains lurk in the shadows, YOU DONT KNOW THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE or when you will face your fears. This package includes all you need to feel the force. After your training, you will head to our Star Wars themed Diner, relax and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. 

Where to find us!

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Battle Sabers UK is also part of the international tournament syndicate called the LED Saber Open Tour (LSOT)! 


The LSOT is an international affiliation programme, intending to unite the community of LED Saber Practitioners, here on planet Earth, and to give them the opportunity to meet and duel under a common set of rules and principles.

With Battle Sabers UK you can train to participate in competitions put on by the numerous clubs involved with the LSOT worldwide! 



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